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Cold Fusion

Chapter one - the formula

For Experienced Adventurers Only! - Difficulty 9/10

1-4 Players (recommended)

Ted Olsen is an internationally renowned scientist, his quest for developing the formula for nuclear fusion also known as Cold Fusion, will help power humankind into the next century..... but what if his formula were to fall into the wrong hands?

Played out over the vast expanse of the internet, the fine line that divides reality and fantasy will soon become blurred, and the deeper you delve into this mysterious world, the sooner that line will disappear completely.

Play now before it's too late!

Cost £25 per team - 7 Days to complete

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer refunds or exchanges on bookings.

Black Grunge

Coming Soon


The Bombmaker.....

is a 1 hour  online race against time. Yourself and agent Adler must solve clues, decipher puzzles and ultimately find and defuse the bombmaker's package!