How many people should I have in my group for Cold Fusion?

Cold Fusion is designed for 1-4players. This can be over any number of devices.

So how many tickets should I buy?

Just one! Each ticket is a group ticket.

Will anyone else be with our group during the experience? 

No, you will only be playing with your team.

How do I play?

That’s up to you! You’ll need to start looking for Ted's Facebook Page and see where the story takes you. Everything takes place online and the story bleeds into the real world, so there’s plenty to explore.

How do I play the game with others?

You will need to be logged into the Project M website (once you've signed up for the game you will automatically be logged in and you remain logged in unless you log out)to view some of the webpages in the game. If you are part of a team then you will need to share your screen with the others who are playing on seperate computers. This can be done via a screen shot for the puzzles and Zoom for the videos.

How long will the experience last?

Ultimately, it will depend on you but there is a one week time limit for the game.

What devices can I play on?

Cold Fusion should be played on a computer or laptop - however, feel free to use tablets and phones to support your investigation!

What software do I need to play?

the game takes place on the world wide web, but one of your team will need access to a Facebook profile.

What if I get stuck, will there be any help provided? 

Cold fusion is all about finding and solving puzzles to advance  in the game. There are areas in the game that contain clues but you'll have to find them first! There is also our Facebook cold fusion Hints & tips page  where you can ask for help if needed 

Cold Fusion

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